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Red River & Gulf #106 Needs Your Help

Our Red River & Gulf locomotive #106 needs to move.  Stored in the Car Knocker's Shed since 1954, after hauling the last regular Red River & Gulf train from Long Leaf to Lecompte and return in March, 1953, the engine has developed a pronounced lean to the left.  In the 64 years since the engine was stored, the ties have rotted out from under the rails and it is slowly sinking into the fill underneath.

We will have to rebuild the railroad track in front of the engine and the car shed, then disconnect the main rods, valve gear and the drawbar connection to the tender and finally lubricate the locomotive wheel bearing to inch the engine out of the shed.

Once out of the shed, we will install temporary track in place of the engine and remove the tender as well.

At that point, we can stabilize the fill underneath where the new track will go, rebuild the tack and return the engine and tender to the rebuilt track.

During this process, while we have the locomotive out of the shed, we will begin a cosmetic restoration of the locomotive to prep it for another 60 years of display. 

We need your help.  Both volunteer labor and cash are necessary to save the #106.

We have received a generous donation to start this work, but more is necessary. The more that is contributed, the more that can be done to preserve the engine.

You may make contributions by sending a check to: 
Southern Forest Heritage Museum
ATTN: Save the #106
77 Long Leaf Road
Longleaf, LA 71448

We will begin posting our volunteer work days for this project on the museum website, the RR&G website and the museum Facebook page.

Red River & Gulf Engine #106