The Venue

Built in 1910, this building is the oldest on the museum complex. It is 5,200-square-feet of space with rustic charm!

The Planer Mill houses 13 long, wooden tables but we also have 70 metal chairs in storage. We have also strung up fairy lights for when the party goes on into the night. Otherwise, the mill is open to most decorations, big or small, that you wish to have on your big day.

Check out our photo album on Facebook to see more of what others have done!


Magnolia Mill House

The chief lumber salesman house, pre 1920s, once known as the Education Building, was redecorated in 2021 and began its life in October as the Magnolia Mill House. This house is now where the bride and her bridesmaids can dress in peace and surrounded by the beautiful past.


Check out our photo album on Facebook to see more.