Southern Forest Church
Southern Forest Church

Exhibit - Historic Long Leaf Churches

The Crowell and Spencer Lumber Company encouraged and supported churches in their towns. At Long Leaf still existing are one white (Long Leaf) and two black churches (Mount Zion and Magnolia). Although these were an integral part of the town, they are independent of the Museum and are located outside of the Museum grounds. Membership has declined through the years so that services are now held on a more infrequent schedule. The churches not only met the spiritual needs of the town inhabitants, they also functioned to bring the community together by hosting events supporting the children and youth and by welcoming and engaging newcomers who came into the town.

Documenting cemeteries for sawmill towns has been difficult. When mills closed, the cemeteries were usually left behind unattended. An effort is being made to locate and document black cemeteries that were used by workers of Long Leaf.

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